Our professionalism and attention to detail sets us apart from the others. We pride ourselves on using top quality products to condition your cuticles, ensuring healthy nails, avoiding weak, brittle, yellow nails that chip and peel for all manicure and pedicure services. World leading OPI products are used also in all nail enhancement services.


Hospital grade disinfecting and sterilizing procedures ensure sanitation of all metal implements, which are sealed in sanitary pouches for individual use. Nail files, orange wood sticks, toe separators, pumice pads, nail buffers are used once and discarded after each person.

All manicure services include shaping of nails, cuticle grooming, massage and polish.


PBYC- "push back your cuticles"- not so basic but a quick treatment for those of you that are really in a rush. Enjoy a quick soak, then your nails are filed, lightly push back, buffed, moisturizer and polish to perfection or buffed perfection

Martini {Short & Sweet} Our basic manicure is a water-less service that embraces simplicity. Great for women on the go, it includes nail shaping, cuticle care, light massage, hot towel wrap and nail polish or buff.

SASSY Manicure, SōL Oasis Signature Manicure Treatment An upgraded Martini manicure, this waterless treatment includes an all-natural, raw sugar exfoliation scrub and warm paraffin wrap for added hydration. This manicure restores moisture to dry, and rough hands, leaving skin smooth and fully hydrated.

Victorian Bath This royal treatment for those pampered hand and fingers. This manicure includes everything in the Martini manicure with the added choice of choosing a hydrating milk soaking solution or stimulating herbal soak. The hands are then exfoliated with a custom blended sugar scrub, followed by a detoxing red clay mud mask and is completed with a blissful hand and arm massage.

Cran Brulee- An uplifting mixture of warm yogurt and buttermilk cream with a Pink Papaya cranberry orange hand scrub rich in vitamin E and aloe engulfs your hands to slough off unwanted dead skin cells. Next a mask of freshly made blackberry and blueberry is applied before a hot stone hand and arm massage with cranberry butter, which is rich in emollient, avocado and sunflower oils. Finally, a hydrating paraffin treatment and a rejuvenating Shea butter and honey mask before your nails are polished to perfection.

Hand me the crème- Ideal for dry hands and brittle nails, this treatment will reduce splitting and breaking of your natural nails, as well as soften your cuticles and strengthen your nail bed. Our custom crème has emollients specifically designed to provide intense moisture and restore the natural luster to your nails and hands. After your warm soak; nail shaping, grooming, buffing and a light massage are the cherry on top!


Rescue 911 For nails in need of TLC, this treatment helps your natural nails recover from nail enhancements (like acrylic, gel, glued tips, etc.) and also strengthens and nurtures soft, weak, thin or peeling nails. We will condition your nails with a penetrating warm oil treatment that will leave your hands and nails nourished and protected. This treatment comes with a complimentary protein nail strengthener for at home maintenance for use between your professional SōL Oasis manicures.

Fountain of Youth This treatment is designed to remedy the signs of aging hands – sun damage, age spots, wrinkles, and dehydration. Beginning with an effervescent soak, nail and cuticle grooming, a natural sugar exfoliating scrub is applied with a rejuvenating, antioxidant filled grapeseed extract serum. For additional protection and healing, an SPF moisturizer concludes this treatment.